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The brain is the master control of the entire body.

Its path of communication to the body is the nervous system, spinal cord, and spine. All those work together to house, protect, and allow your body to function optimally. 

This is why at Moulton Chiropractic we look to the spine for not only your bodily aches and pains, but also look further in the neurology that marries every function of your body to the power of your brain.

The body is a globally functioning unit, to look locally for the cause of something is no longer the norm. At Moulton Chiropractic, we deliver the best care possible with the most up to date education and information to help your body heal and produce outstanding results. 

Our office in Grapevine is the best resource for those looking to get rid of their aches, pains, and symptoms resulting from dysfunctions. We take everything about you into consideration including but not limited to past surgeries, injuries, nutritional health, how well you rest, and your daily activities.

Getting you well laying on a table is not our goal, changing your daily life for the better is.





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