Our Mission

We are Grapevine’s Chiropractic Health Care Center. It is our mission to serve every person & family with the love, respect, and compassion they deserve while delivering the highest quality care possible to meet their needs.


Dr. Kael Moulton

Dr. Kael is a graduate of Parker University Chiropractic College. She excelled academically, clinically, and still continues to grow professionally. Her heart and desire to serve, has created a skill set that will help guide you to the best care possible. When she is not with her patients, she is a mother of three smart, beautiful little girls. Her mentors are made up of the best Doctors in the country that have helped her develop her techniques, therapies, and leadership. Her Chiropractic story starts with her first pregnancy and still inspires to teach people the benefits of Chiropractic care.


Kris Moulton, NKT, MS

Kris started Moulton Kettlebell Club in 2014 as a way to help his clients move better, get stronger, and live a healthy lifestyle. MKC has since become Moulton Chiropractic with the same mission of caring for every person to the best of our abilities to help them live a healthier life. His mentors include a variety of professionals who are masters in kettlebells, strength training, rehabilitation, manual therapy, coaching, and leadership. It’s these areas and these people who shaped Kris into the leader he is today. He is committed to you and your goals, and will always go the distance to serve the patient.